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4 Asian Shoegaze Albums You Need to Check out

#1 Yuragi – Nightlife –  This EP comes in just shy of the 20 minute mark and is full of delightfully bright melodies and enchanting vocals, which mark a very promising debut from the Japanese shoegazers. 


#2 Kinoko Teikoku – Long Goodbye – One of the bands earliest works and a long-time favourite of mine, Long Goodbye feels like stepping into a hazy dreamworld. Unfortunately, more recent releases from this band have seen them take a more polished style that fails to capture the same unfurnished elegance. 


#3 Asobi Seksu – Citrus – Despite boasting what are possibly the kitchest vocals you’ll hear on a shoegaze record, Asobi Seksu still manage to craft songs with a punch. However, when they tone down the distortion on tracks such as ‘thursday’, which wouldn’t feel out of place in the climactic scene of a hollywood rom-com, Yuki’s sweet vocals are still just as effective. 


#4 Mass of Fermenting Dregs – World is Yours – This beautiful six-track EP combines large amounts of angst with hazy post-rock textures. 

Photo by Maria Louceiro


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