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Bandcamp Finds: March 2018

I spend a lot of time trawling through music discovery sites looking for something new and fresh, sometimes to no avail. However, sometimes I get lucky and find something i’ll have on repeat for weeks. Here’s 4 bands I discovered on Bandcamp in the last month:

#1 Barely Civil – This Wisconsin band effortlessly blend Midwestern-emo and Indie-rock influences to create a debut album full of emotion. On their bandcamp bio, they inform the listener that’s it’s easy to get lost in Wisconsin; the same goes for their music.



#2 Possum – This EP has both twinkly guitars and moments of unadulterated emotion, what more could you want?



#3 The Republic of Wolves – Do you love the music of Brand New but the recent allegations against Jesse Lacey give you a bad taste in your mouth when you listen to them? Then look no further than The Republic of Wolves. However, despite the obvious similarities, they manage to stand firmly on their own, beautifully switching between singing and screaming.



#4 Dear Leap – One of my favourite finds this year. This EP had me hooked immediately with it’s complex song structures and meaningful lyrics.

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