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8 Photos from the 3 Peaks Challenge

Last weekend (Saturday-Sunday) I undertook the UK three peaks challenge. It involves climbing the tallest mountains in Scotland (Ben Nevis – 1,345m), England (Scafell Pike, 978m) and Wales (Snowdon, 1085m) within 24 hours – we managed it with about 15 minutes to spare. Here’s a few pictures from the trip, and if you’re wondering why there’s none from Scafell pike its because it was pitch black…

#1 The view from the summit of Snowdon, at 1,085m. We reached the top of the mountain at approximately 8:15am as the mist was rolling in.

#2 Looking back across the ridge and zig-zag type paths at the summit of Snowdon

#3 On the foothills of Snowdon as the sun was still rising and the moon can still be seen clearly in the sky

#4 Before the mist and the snow obscured anything further than five-feet away on Ben Nevis

#5 The mist rolls in as we climb Ben Nevis

#6 Towards the top of Ben Nevis, this is all we could see. Without a GPS navigation would have been practically impossible

#7 Taken at the base of Ben Nevis, when my legs still worked

#8 Going down Ben Nevis took about a third of the time as ascending, thanks in part to sliding down the snow…


  1. WOW!! We are planning on doing this challenge on 21st July, with about 10 of us.

    I’m pretty excited but there’s so many unknowns. Is there anything you could recommend we do before we leave?

    Also, how many of you did it and how did you get between each mountain?


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    • Tom

      Exciting! There was only 4 of us doing it but we had a driver between each place and we wouldn’t have done it in the 24 if we didn’t!

      We started at Ben Nevis at about 9am in the morning, got to Scafell Pike around 9pm when it was getting dark and did that in the night, then got to Snowdon just as the sun was rising. However, it may be different for you as you’ll have more sunlight!

      But what i’d make sure you do
      – Don’t take more weight than you need to each day
      – Check the weather, we had quite a bit of snow although you should be ok in July
      – If you will walk in the night a head torch is invaluable
      – Have a decent pair of hiking shoes (i didn’t and they fell apart coming down Snowdon lol)
      – Try to sleep in-between walks

      If you have time I recommend doing the Yorkshire one’s or some kind of preparation beforehand we found that very helpful 🙂

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      • Head torch!!! Great ideas!

        We’re planning on setting off at 5pm at Ben Nevis. Hopefully we’ll be down as it’s getting dark and then start walking as it gets light in Scafell!

        It may be harder doing it in 24 hours with the numbers but it will hopefully be fun!

        Thanks for your advice I will be sure to re read this… oh and we’re having a practice in Bali next week 👌


      • Tom

        Hey, sorry for the delay!

        Hope it goes well for you! Yes we went out with the view that if we complete it we’ll be happy whether it’s in 24 hours or not!

        Nice one aha, much more exotic than ours in dreary Yorkshire lol!

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