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Poem #28 – In Search of Trust

So earlier I was at a gig and there was no signal, so instead of scrolling aimlessly through social media trying to look busy I ended up writing something. It’s a bit rushed, and the structure is a bit off, but here it is. If you have any thoughts, write me a comment

Truth is a construct of the mind
It’s all you need, it’s deep inside
Maybe it’s an imagination that i lack
If it’s so easy why do i keep
All that love me, as far as they will let me
I forget that it’s me, who left you behind
Even though i’m the one who’s lost and cannot find
A moment of stillness within this peaceless mind
I’ll keep on running to a destination unknown
In search of a place you’ve already shown
But no matter what you say, clueless i’ll stay
Ignorant to the words of today


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