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some thoughts on being alone

Over the last couple of years, I have slowly learned a little something.

That something? The freedom in learning to enjoy your own company, in learning to enjoy the things you want to, when you want to, regardless of others.

Have you ever wanted to go see a band? a film? an art exhibition? but your friends are either unwilling or uninterested?

Well, what’s stopping you? The only person standing in your way is you.

I would never have gone to a gig on my own a year ago, now, I think I prefer it.

As humans we are conditioned to seek social interaction, a companion for everything. And that’s good right? social interaction is good for the soul, there’s few better feelings than truly relating to someone, that moment when you click and you feel like you’re both part of something.

The issue comes when we feel we must seek social interaction above all else. The pressure to spending time with others can exacerbate feelings of anxiety and loneliness. I am not for a moment inferring that learning to be alone is a cure for feelings of loneliness – a sceptic would call it a sticking plaster.

My point is that there’s so much out there for you to enjoy, and who knows you might find that you enjoy those moments with your friends all the more when it feels a little bit less social obligation and little bit more social opportunity.

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