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how to be thrifty and turn your room into an urban jungle

If you are like me and every time you leave the house you find yourself coming home armed with more plants than you have space for, then these tips might save you a few pennies.

The first thing I realised was how expensive plant pots are! Sure, they might come with a small pot with drainage but what if you want your plants to decorate your room without creating puddles everywhere?

So my first tip is…

#1 Don’t throw away your containers! I am always cooking so I have an ever-growing pile of tins and glassware that I would otherwise throw away.

This tin once held chopped-tomatoes and now it’s home to a Narcissus I grew from bulb

#2 Up-cycle, Up-cycle, Up-cycle. If you don’t have anything lying around the house, go down to your nearest Charity shop and look for something that vaguely resembles a plant-pot and crucially, is water-tight (mugs, boxes, Tupperware, Pyrex cookware, the list is endless…)

I got lucky and found this pot for just £1 from a Charity Shop!

#3 Plant from seed. Now bear with me, I know this one doesn’t really align with our penchant for instant-gratification in the modern world but if you have a little patience, you can grow a lot for a lot less! I went to Lidl yesterday and picked up some Sunflower Seeds for just 29p!

#4 Check if your plant is producing seeds. I recently bought a Bamboo Palm and noticed that it was producing little balls at the base of the stem. A few google searches later I realised (was told) that they were seeds!


  1. I totally agree with planting things in whatever container you can, love seeing plants in cups, tins, boxes etc. Plants overall ❤


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