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the beach

they sat by the sea, the rocky shore making impressions on their bare legs. not that either of them had noticed, though. ”nothing else matters” he tells her, after a long silence.

”what do you mean, nothing else?”

”i don’t know how to put it in words, but I always pictured this scene”

fearful of what she may say next, he gazed upwards to the sky, hoping not to catch her eye. ”what am I supposed to do now” he thought to himself, suddenly very tight lipped.

”I must ask her to stay” he thought, knowing what that would mean for her.

he tried to choose his words precisely but nothing came out and another silence grew between them.

she felt a gentle wave brush against her outstretched legs. for a moment she had forgotten her surroundings and this served to return a sense of place.

knowing what she must do, she too agonised over the words. staying together afterwards just wasn’t an option for her. she had to tell him how she felt.

she glanced in his direction. neither of them had spoken since he had said those words, and the silence cut ever sharp between them. they had softened her resolve.


“I know” he said, taking a breath.

“can we just pretend, just for tonight?”

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