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the best of… oddly specific albums

Music designed to be the perfect match for what you’re doing right now, whether that be playing cards, twirling a baton or tucking in to a 1960’s style TV dinner…

#1 Music for cards, conversations and cuddling

This album isn’t trying to take centre stage, it is content with being the background note to your evening activities.

#2 Music for Dreams

Put this album on just as you go to sleep to soundtrack your dreams.

#3 Music for Baton Twirlers

Are you a baton twirler? Did you enjoy this?

#4 Music for The Still of the Night

Soundtrack a walk through a pitch-black wood with this sombre delight

#5 Music for TV Dinners (60s)

I have questions. First Question. If you’re having a TV Dinner why are you also listening to this album. Second Question. Why is every song only 30 seconds long? A jibe at the pre-packaged soulless nature of the TV dinner?

#6 Music for People who can’t Sleep

See #4 but this time you decide dancing is the better option.

#7 Music for Small Ensembles

A ‘small ensemble’ is the official term for a group of owls.

#8 Music for Wine and Candlelight

I don’t think this lady has used a wine glass before. She’s about to miss isn’t she?

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