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Walking the City – East from Vauxhall

A few photos from a long walk through central London on the warmest day of the year so far, safe to say I’ll never get bored of wandering around this city. The walk began in Vauxhall, and finished around Tower Bridge after a minor detour through Leicester Square.

Bannerman House, part of the Ashmole Estate in Vauxhall overlooking the newly refurbished Vauxhall Park
A Cherry Blossom along the Albert Embankment adding to the Spring vibes on this uncharacteristically warm February morning.
This ‘corner shop’ along Albert Embankment with far nicer typography than it has any right to have.
Richmond House
Richmond House, 79 Whitehall. One of the less idenkit buildings of the famous Whitewash street.
Tianfu Lucky Foods in Chinatown. Little was open here and it was quiet to match.
Spot the daffodil.
Discount Suit Company. Somewhere in Whitechapel.

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