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8 Photos from 8 Days in Morocco – The City and the Mountains

A few years ago now, in 2016 I travelled to Morocco as part of a field-research trip with my university. We split the time between the city of Marrakech, and Imlil, a small town in the foothills of the Atlas mountains. Here are a few of my highlights from that trip.

Dirt track Atlas Mountains Morrocco
#1 The mountains provided a panoramic view as we hiked between Imlil and the surrounding villages.
Snow capped Atlas Mountains Morocco
#2 Tracks like these proliferate around the foothills of the Atlas mountains, serving as an essential mode of transport between villages, and from the nearby city of Marrakech (just two hours away by coach)
Tea stop by a waterfall in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco
#3 Perhaps a little less picturesque, but a great place to stop for a warming cup of super-sweet fresh mint tea
Village in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco
#4 The Berber villages blend into the landscape so beautifully.
Tannery in Marrakech, Morocco
#5 A tannery buried deep in the souks of Marrakech. We had a guided tour, but judging by the reaction of the workers, this was not an official enterprise!
Sheep on the Atlas Mountains
#6 One or two judging looks from the sheep here…feel as though i’m not the first person to snap a pic!
A young shepherd leads his herd in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco
#7 Maybe the youngest sheep herder in the whole of Morocco?
Berber village in the Atlas Mountains
#8 One of the villages up close

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