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Poem #41 – Peace

Rest beneath the red sky Lay in the deep grass Close your tired eyes And empty your mind Of days and nights Set in anger Let your shallow frame Sink down where you lay Alone at last In this crowded plain Rest Beneath The greying… Read More

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Poem #15 – Ode to the Sun

your unremitting glare and presence constant as the turning tide once more you will be there through the lifetime of mine there in all your glee until i am but a memory you will continue to shine forever and always generations pass by living beneath… Read More

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Poem #1 – Spring Bloom

This little poem was borne out of a nostalgia for all things vernal (and a wish for winter to end as soon as possible). Hopefully it will be the first of many, and to anyone reading this, I hope you enjoy. recalling the wildflowers in… Read More