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Finding myself caught in a box of my own design, I ask to be freed. I do not want ‘this’ anymore, I know. Although, I am still unsure what freedom means or if I want it. ‘this’ is wrong, I know. But what is right,… Read More

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Poem #32 – Moving On

I tried something different with this one, it’s an attempt to keep each line short and punchy using as simple language as possible.   I cannot think I cannot breathe This thought keeps pounding It will not leave No matter how I try This thought… Read More

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Poem #31 – To Forget Yourself

Should I start giving context to my poems? Well, this one’s from the perspective of a dementia victim attempting to communicate to their spouse that they know what situation they are in, but failing to find the coherence to do so. I was once wise,… Read More