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A short story I wrote this afternoon on love, memories, and moving on. 1 I had been waiting for a little over an hour, long enough that I could notice the spring tide draw closer to my outstretched legs. I watched with trepidation as gentle… Read More

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the beach

they sat by the sea, the rocky shore making impressions on their bare legs. not that either of them had noticed, though. ”nothing else matters” he tells her, after a long silence. ”what do you mean, nothing else?” ”i don’t know how to put it… Read More

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Poem #47 – Passer By

Unsure about this one. May add to it – Feels a little abrupt at the end. in your living roomempty wallshold truefragments of memoriesshared with you a silhouettea shadowy figurecatches the eyenot youbut a passer by